Orange Egypt, after a detailed evaluation of all clearing providers in the market, has selected Nextgen Clearing’s Financial Clearing, Data Clearing, Fraud Detection and Business Intelligence services for all their international roaming agreements. Orange Egypt adopted a phased approach, starting with the implementation of Financial Clearing, followed by Data Clearing, then Business Intelligence and finally integration of Nextgen’s IOT discount management service “IOTRON.” Orange Egypt has been a client of Nextgen Clearing for the past 4 years.

Head of Commercial Accounting, Osama Ibrahim stated: "Nextgen Clearing is an outstanding business partner to Orange Egypt in the field of roaming Financial Clearing. Since 2012, Nextgen Clearing has shown outstanding performance in both the legacy debt collections and roaming clearing services. Nextgen Clearing people have a unique team spirit, customer orientation and customer support. Orange Egypt strongly recommend Nextgen Clearing as a Financial Clearing partner."

Head of Roaming, Eng. Khaled Ahmed stated: "We have chosen Nextgen Clearing as our Data Clearing House and Business Intelligence provider because of their superior and flexible Clearing Platform, their professional team and dedicated human customer support. We have concluded that Nextgen can provide us with the services which will enable Orange Egypt to successfully grow its roaming business in these challenging times of reduced revenues in roaming and multiple IOT implementations. We are looking forward to this extension to a rewarding and professional relationship with Nextgen Clearing."

"We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Orange Egypt. Nextgen’s selection by Orange Egypt is a great achievement as Orange Egypt selected us after comprehensively testing our platform. Orange Egypt are not new to the concept of outsourcing as they have been using this service from another supplier for a number of years. We are especially pleased to have such a well respected operator extend our service at a time where our customers are facing reduced margins and tougher demands from their suppliers" said Kirit Ruparelia, Chairman and CEO of Nextgen Clearing.

About Orange Egypt

Orange Egypt is one of Egypt's three mobile phone operators, founded in 1998, formerly known as Mobinil. The company is majority-owned and fully consolidated by Orange S.A., which owns 98.92% of the shares and 1.08% free float. Orange Egypt was the first telecom company to receive an ISO 14001 certificate in Egypt and the Middle East. It has also obtained official renewal of the ISO 14001 for the fifth consecutive year and also obtained the certification of OHSAS 18001. 

Dom Wright

Written by Dom Wright