Migrating to a better Data or Financial Clearing supplier is not as painful as you may believe.
Migration is a regulated GSMA process and with the best 'switch' team in the world, Nextgen are experts at it.

Why migrate to Nextgen?

  • More robust integrated platform
  • Faster settlement and cash collection
  • Better customer service levels 

With over 300 migrations to date, we have an outstanding track record for delivering painless Group and Single Opco migrations. Our 'switch' team guides new customers step by step through the migration process, and takes care of all the heavy lifting. 

If you would like an idea on what a migration of your DC or FC would involve, contact us and we will arrange for a member of our 'switch' team to take you through Nextgen's painless 5 step migration process.


DC and FC Migration to Nextgen Clearing, Jan19


"We were in real need of a robust integrated platform, faster settlement & cash collection and much better customer service. The Nextgen switch team couldn’t have done more to support us during the migration process – we were kept fully informed, we were clear about what was expected from us, timelines were adhered to, and everything was done online, in a most efficient, flexible and friendly manner."

Jannie van Niekerk 
Roaming Manager


A Ground-Breaking Group Migration Story

One of EMEA's largest multi-national telecom groups with over 230 million subscribers needed a clearing partner with expertise over the international markets, who could flexibly support their changing business needs and help to increase efficiencies via greater control of their roaming traffic.

The decision was made in September 2016 to migrate the DC and FC of the group's 15 OpCo's from their long-term supplier to Nextgen Clearing. The deadline date set for completion - 1st January 2017.  

Migrating15 OpCo's at the same time, on the same date, to both DC and FC platforms (during the holidays!), was our biggest migration achievement to-date!  All went smoothly, the deadline was met and both the Telecom Group and Nextgen teams were delighted with the results.…we believe a migration of this size, in such tight time constraints is an industry first!


So much easier than you think...


"Initially, we were concerned at the perceived amount of time and work required to migrate our DC and FC to a new clearing house. These concerns were alleviated once we met Nextgen’s committed 'switch' team."  

Andrew Bluck
Commercial Advisor - Roaming


Dom Wright

Written by Dom Wright