Vivacom recently migrated all services to Nextgen after seeing the quality of customer support and service levels from their previous supplier were declining.

Vivacom faced a poor sizable financial clearing aged debt book which was building up and affecting their cash position, while the processes for calculating the complex IOT discounts was manual and time consuming.

Following a full system review, Vivacom made the decision to move all their clearing business to Nextgen, bringing all their IOT discount agreements into one place with end to end visibility for settlement and collection.

About Vivacom
Vivacom is a leader in developing modern telecommunication services to meet the highest professional standards - from Мobile and Fixed Voice services, high speed Fiber Optic Internet, Digital Interactive TV, Data transfer, to tailor made telecommunication solutions. Vivacom was the first telecom operator in Bulgaria and today takes care of the communication needs of more than 4 million customers and a network of over 230 shops throughout the country.

Dom Wright

Written by Dom Wright